Barbara McMahon MS LMHC - Counseling for Adults, Families and Children

About Adult Psychotherapy

Individual Psychotherapy for Adults, specializing in issues of Depression, Anxiety and Addictions.

Traditional Psychotherapy with a basis in cognitive-behavioral techniques is available. My approach to counseling incorporates the whole person, however, and depending on client preferences, I can add mind-body modalities to your session. These could include meditation, hypnotherapy, deep relaxation, Reiki, and/or sessions in an outdoor setting.

Talk Therapy is the traditional means of developing the therapeutic relationship and it develops with time and care. Clients often assume that a therapist 'knows all the answers' but even with extensive training, this is simply not so. Therapeutic experience, knowledge and skill set the stage, but it is the relationship itself that actually facilitates change.
Everybody can use a knowledgeable friend who is "all ears".

A therapist or therapeutic coach is someone who is devoted to truly hearing what you have to say and developing a relationship that is both confidential and supportive. Within the safety of such a relationship, much can be discovered...and with understanding and acknowledgment, much can be accomplished.

Come Rest an atmosphere of welcome and safety.
Nature Heals...and the authentic human relationship is part of that natural healing.


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